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Australia Choice AutoParts Background

Welcome to the Australia Choice AutoParts (ACA) website, a wholly Australian owned company that was founded in 1997. Over the years we’ve established an exceptional reputation and gained the trust of mechanical workshops and trade alike. We can now extend this level of service to the general public.

Through our understanding of automotive markets around the world we are able to offer coils for all make of vehicle, this is achieved by the use of our brand new state of the art Research and Development facility that utilises the precision of German Engineering. Our Coils and Ignition Systems are built of sturdy materials and designed for long-term durability and reliability. Where others fail, our ignition products excel in performance.

Australia Choice Autoparts Background

Introducing SWAN

Quality ignition products are an important prerequisite for maintaining a fully functional vehicle regardless of the condition. This is the main reason why the Australia Choice AutoParts team felt inspired to create a specialised brand, SWAN.

This Brand of ignition coils was created using the experience and know-how we have accumulated from years of servicing customers. Our aim was to find the perfect balance between exceptional quality and affordable pricing.

Australia Choice AutoParts - SWAN

SWAN Design

The Epoxy Casting System that was developed in Germany is the main one used for the production of SWAN ignition coils. In addition, the technology utilises a horizontal plastic injection machine (also manufactured in Germany), a winding and assembly cell from Italy, a thermal shock test chamber and various other pieces of sophisticated technology.

All of these tools and pieces of equipment are specifically manufactured following the ISO quality standards.

The TS16949 quality system applies to the SWAN ignition coils. These are manufactured using solely the most reliable materials imported from Germany and Middle Eastern countries, among others.

Australia Choice AutoParts - SWAN Design

Choose the Right Ignition System, Get the Best Performance

Our online store will give you access to some of the best ignition coils and ignition system components that the market has to offer. All of our stock is located in our Melbourne warehouse.

The role of the coil is to provide smooth ignition, therefore, it plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the vehicle’s engine. So the selection of one ignition coil or another will obviously have a significant impact on the engine’s performance. To pick the right item, you can either go through our extensive catalogue or contact us to get professional help with the selection.

All of our items are brand new and delivered in their original packaging, Since we are fully committed to giving you the best quality, a twelve month manufacturer’s warranty is provided with each of the purchases. For more information about the warranty, take a look at the Warranty and Return page.

The knowledge gained from dealing with our customers has manifested itself into the creation of a range of over 10,000 auto parts. We truly hope that you’ll be satisfied by the quality and the diversity that our store has to offer, as a customer you are part of this journey and we thank you for your contribution.

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